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这是在外国网页看到,是一名教练Fred Carter的一些看法。我做了些大意的翻译。 虽然英文程度不是非常好,但基本上不会有影响语意的错误。无论是翻译上的问题 还是文章的内容,都欢迎大家的指教和"理"的批评^^" ps.不擅编排,造成阅读之辛苦还请见谅。 Article http://www.hoopshype.com/columns/kobe_friedman.htm ------------------------------- Kobe Bryant (27.8 ppg, 6.6 apg and 6.2 rpg), LeBron James (25.4 ppg, 7.7 apg and 7.1 rpg) and Dwyane Wade (23.5 ppg, 7.3 apg and 5.2 rpg) are three of the top perimeter players in the NBA. Each ranks in the top ten in scoring and is a nightly triple-double threat, yet James and Wade are lauded for making their teammates better while Bryant has been widely labeled as selfish. Among those who consider that criticism unfair is veteran NBA player, assistant coach and head coach Fred Carter, who currently analyzes games for NBA TV. 大意:Kobe LeBron Wade是三名顶尖的后场球员,每晚都是对手的威胁,但在LeBron跟 Wade被认为能让队友更好的同时,Kobe却被粘贴自私的标签。Fred Carter认为这样的 批判是不公平的。 "For some people perception is reality," Carter said. "The echoed word becomes the accepted word. It becomes the choice phrase. But he won titles and he does get the assists. He does get steals and he does get blocks. He's not a guy who just plays on the offensive end. What happens is that people have the tendency to echo the words of everyone else. It's unfortunate." 大意:他认为某些针对Kobe的言论,在经过大家的流传以后就被接受了,人们总是有 echo the words of everyone else(重复其他人所说的话)的趋势。 Bryant's field goal percentage is hovering around the .410 mark, which would be a career low. This is the main statistical ax that critics grind against Bryant, saying that he is more focused on winning the scoring title than making his team better.But that argument has flaws, according to Carter. 大意:Kobe仅四成一的命中率是一把砍向Kobe的数据斧头,看起来Kobe对于赢得得分 头衔的喜爱更胜于让队友更好。Carter认为这样的论点是有缺点的。 "Any time a guy is a volume-shooting guy like Kobe Bryant and Allen Iverson,the shooting percentage is going to be down because they attract a lot more defensive attention. Spot-up shooters or stand-still shooters, plays are run for them and that's basically all they can do, spot up and shoot, so they get pen shots and knock them down. People kind of get confused with field goal percentages and the quality of the baskets that you make. Kobe makes a lot of quality baskets.I don't look at his field goal percentage. I look at the productivity of his shots in terms of the fourth quarter and what shots he makes then." 大意:像Kobe和AI这种出手次数高的球员他们的命中率总是不高,因为他们吸引了更 多的防守注意力。而他们能做的事太多,不像某些球员只需做好自己份内的工作。 (小编:这让我想起每当进攻时间快到时,他们的队员只好把球塞给他们,让他们 进行与时间竞赛的高难度进攻。)Carter不在意那命中率,只看第四节关键时刻 Kobe的命中球数。 Bob Chaikin, whose fine statistical research can be found at bballsports.com,ranks shooting efficiency with a statistic called scoring field goal percentage. The formula is: (Two point field goals made + 1.5 X Three point field goals made + Free throws made/2) / (Field goals attempted + Free throws attempted/2). 大意:像Bob Chaikin就发明了另一种更好的命中率公式: (两分球命中数+ 1.5 X 三分球命中数+ 罚球命中数/2) / (总出手数+ 总罚球数/2). This method provides a more complete picture than field goal percentage does because it accounts for the added value of three-pointers made plus the points produced by drawing fouls and making free throws. 大意:这方法更能精确表达命中率,因为他算进了制造罚球的数量(小编:罚球越多的人 通常是得到越多的防守压力的,同时也代表了一个球员的破坏力。) James (.491) and Wade (.478) have better field goal percentages than Bryant does,but neither makes as many three-pointers or free throws as Bryant. Consequently,as of February 22, Bryant's scoring field goal percentage of .529 is not much worse than James' .551 and Wade's .544. 大意:LeBron跟Wade命中率比Kobe高,但是三分球及罚球的进球数就不如Kobe。 The league average for scoring field goal percentage is around .520, a figure that Bryant and each of the Laker starters exceed. Bryant is not merely padding his individual scoring numbers. The defensive attention that he attracts and his playmaking skills are leading the team to an above average level of shooting efficiency. This is significant, especially considering that the other four starters are Chucky Atkins, Chris Mihm, Lamar Odom and Caron Butler, none of whom has played in even one All-Star Game. Meanwhile, James and Wade are each teamedwith All-Star centers. Laker center Mihm, a career journeyman, has benefited greatly playing alongside Bryant, enjoying career highs in scoring, rebounding and assists. In addition to their above average scoring field goal percentages, each Laker starter (other than Bryant) is also posting a career high in traditional field goal percentage. 大意:湖人队的命中率是超出联盟平均的0.520,Kobe所吸引的防守和他制造的机会 使他的队友有更高的得分效率,更别说他们队友甚至没有任何一个打过明星赛。而 LeBron跟Wade的队友则有。Kobe的每个队友命中率均为生涯新高。 NBA analyst Fred Carter notes that by getting to the free throw line frequently Bryant does not just enhance his individual statistics, but he also creates more free throw opportunities for his teammates and causes foul trouble for the opposing team. 大意:Carter表示Kobe大量的制造对方犯规,站上罚球线不只是为了增加他的个人 数据,他也替队友制造了罚球机会及敌对的犯规麻烦。 "When Kobe is out of the offense the Lakers do not get into the bonus as quickly as they normally do. Check free throws attempted and see how they were with Kobe playing versus now (when Kobe missed 14 games)." 大意:这可以从Kobe缺席时湖人队的罚球数下降来观察。 Another area worth examining is versatility. One would expect that a selfish player does nothing but shoot. Nine NBA players have amassed triple doubles this season. Bryantand Chris Webber are tied for second with four, trailing only Jason Kidd's five. James has two and Wade has one. James has 18 double doubles, while Wade has 13 and Bryant 12. 大意:我们认为自私的球员只想着投篮,然而Kobe本季的大三元是四次,和C-Web并 列第二名,仅次于J-Kidd。 Bryant's critics are quick to counter that he leads the league in turnovers at 4.4 per game,but Wade ranks second at 4.2 and James is seventh at 3.2. MVP candidate and league assists leader Steve Nash ranks eighth at 3.1. Turnovers have only been recorded by the NBA since 1977-78, but since that time it has been common for great playmakers such as Magic Johnson and Isiah Thomas to rank among the league leaders in this category. Players who commit a lot of turnovers generally fall into one of two categories: great players who have tremendous scoring/playmaking responsibilities and big men with bad hands. 大意:另一个Kobe最常遭受批评的就是他的失误,每场4.4次。然而,Wade每场4.2次, LeBron每场3.2次,甚至Stere Nash也有3.1次。事实上就连Magic Johnson和Isiah Thomas发生失误也是相当普遍的。犯下大量失误的球员可以分成两种,一种是那些 责任重大的伟大球员,另一种则是big men with bad hands(就是真的技术不好啦)。 Ultimately, making one's team better is reflected in wins and losses and most NBA games are decided down the stretch. While great players strive to keep their teammates involved throughout the game, in the closing moments it is often necessary to take over the game. Tracy McGrady's 13 points in the final 35 seconds to defeat the San Antonio Spurs earlier this season are perhaps the ultimate recent example of this. 大意:让队友更好的球员,除了整场可以影响他的队友之外,关键时刻的得分也是不 可或缺的。T-mac的35秒13分便是最近的一个好例子。 Bryant consistently elevates his game in clutch situations and this year he is leading the NBA in fourth quarter scoring at over 8.5 ppg. Carter says that Bryant has two traits that enable him to thrive in crucial moments. 大意:Kobe第四节的平均得分是8.5,联盟排行第一。Carter说有两个特点使他能在关 键时候暴走。 "One is competitiveness. He stays at a high level of competitiveness. Also, energy level. A lot of players get tired (but) the great players don't get tired. They have a special level of energy; they can tap that source and they can still stay at a high level of efficiency and proficiency. That's Kobe Bryant; he is able to do that. MJ was the same way. There are certain players who can raise their energy level for the fourth period and Kobe Bryant can do that." 大意:一个是高度竞争力,另一个是精力。在大部分的球员已经累的时候,伟大的 球员不会,他们可以持续保持在很好的状态。Kobe跟乔神都是这样的球员。 Of course, offense is only part of the game. Second-year players James and Wade haveeach made notable progress this season on the defensive end, but Bryant has already made the All-Defensive Team five times during his career, including three First Team selections. Bryant made the All-NBA First Team and the All-Defensive First Team each of the last two seasons. 大意:当然,攻击只是比赛中一部分。Lebron跟Wade在他们的第二年表现出极为显 着的进步,然而Kobe已经入选五次年度最佳防守队伍,三次第一队。 When Bryant missed 14 games due to a severe right ankle sprain, the Lakers struggled to a 6-8 mark and his absence was felt at least as much on defense as on offense, Laker coach Frank Hamblen points out: "He is one of those guys who is talking defensively and helping defensively. The way he plays, as hard as he plays, the other guys feed off that." 大意:当Kobe缺席时,湖人的战绩是6胜8败。他的缺席不仅影响了全队的进攻,同样 影响了防守。湖人队的教练Frank Hamblen指出, Kobe在场上可以帮助全队的防 守,而其他的队友也仰赖着这点,以这点作为能量来源。 TNT analyst Charles Barkley has mentioned on several occasions that he believes there are only three true superstars in the NBA: Shaquille O'Neal , Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett. A glance at the Western Conference standings shows that Garnett's Timberwolves and Bryant's Lakers are among the teams fighting for the final playoff spot. Garnett has two former All-Stars playing beside him and basically the same nucleus that made it to the Western Conference Finals last year, while Bryant's Lakers have been almost completely reconstituted. Postseason success is the best way to silence critics. If Kobe Bryant stays healthy for the remainder of the season, he will have a great opportunity to refute not only those who question his ability to make his teammates better but also Barkley and anyone else who denies that he is a true superstar. 大意:Charles Barkley指出联盟只有三名superstars:Duncan,KG,欧肥。只要Kobe保 持健康,他有很好的机会以实际行动反驳那些批评,同时证明像老巴及其他否认他的 人证明他是superstar。 译后感想:对于我这样一个Kobe迷而言,我认为这篇文章是在众多反Kobe及挺Kobe 文中少数能够说理清晰,举证清楚的文章。或许是因为个人挺Kobe的背景让我更 认同他的看法,但我相信每个人都有不同的角度来切入并加以观察,并不是一个 专业的篮球人(Fred Carter)所发表的言论就一定是百分百正确。我欢迎大家针对 这篇文章提出不同看法,但尽量不要超过了理讨论的范围。 -- ※ 发信站: 热搜!爆卦实业坊(http://www.c8562.com) ◆ From:
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backid:很明显可以看出来他的目的是想激怒支持KOBE的人220.136.198.153 02/27
kober:看他用的字汇语气就知道了...不会是国中生... 02/27
backid:不过受限于脑容量的关系,往往说来说去都是那几句220.136.198.153 02/27
kober:爸妈是公务员或着是公司职员 可能有相当的学业压力 02/27
Windhan:我觉得国中或高中生才会像他那样被激怒后不知道괠 02/27
Windhan:要说什么只好骂脏话 02/27
kober:也许他根本没有被激怒 他可能只是想引导你认为他 02/27
kobe701013:多逛pc home就知道了 很多国中生 02/27
kober:被激怒了...智识学派的人 柏拉图最讨厌的类型XD 02/27
Windhan:呵呵...我不知道说...我只是觉得很好笑 02/27
kober:是很好笑啊...不过他跟我们一样是来找乐子的... 02/27
kober:只是他找乐子的方法...个人不推荐就是XD 02/27
Windhan:阿...他不找乐子我就少了一个乐子了 02/27
kober:这样看来 我们应该希望他不要进水桶!?XD 02/27
u2gogowin:没必要理他吧, 02/27
Windhan:呵呵...不好意思...是没啥必要理他啦 02/27
kissmy:A...俺洗完澡了..还没结束啊..^^" 02/27
kober:退回前言 是高中生XD 02/27
Windhan:那个aa不见了...剩我们~ 02/27
kissmy:哈..推Windhan大:他不找乐子我就少了一个乐子了 02/27
kissmy:是啊...aa你在那啊...继续讨论啊...XD 02/27
Windhan:他走了~~~T__T~~~不舍~~~ 02/27
aakobe:喔.我回来了.各位惨败还能自HIGH 02/27
aakobe:小弟相当佩服.是已经输到厚颜无耻了吗? 02/27
kissmy:是滴~~我们high是因为我们有Lakers可以看...!! 02/27
aakobe:支持一个形象低劣的老鼠球员.忍受大家的讪笑 02/27
kissmy:形象低劣还是有人支持啊..不然怎么进明星赛 02/27
Windhan:哇哇哇...乐子回来了!!! 02/27
Windhan:老鼠回来了~ 02/27
kissmy:错~~我们要叫他"老鼠心理学之父"...!!! 02/27
kissmy:这名子不错吧....XD 02/27
aakobe:跟老鼠迷玩游戏真有趣.战绩也退人气也退 02/27
Windhan:是是是...老鼠心理爸爸~刚刚上哪去呀 02/27
aakobe:失误增加丑闻增加还是盲目支持.真是好笑 02/27
aakobe:刚刚看湖人活赛的BT重播.当笑话看 02/27
kissmy:有啥好笑..这叫一路走来始终如一...看着一个球员 02/27
aakobe:整场被打的跟龟儿子一样.尤其"第四节先生"真不是 02/27
kissmy:的成长...这才是乐趣啊... 02/27
aakobe:浪得虚名.单节四失误! 02/27
kissmy:再说...要是KB每场都这样失误..您..再来骂嘛... 02/27
kissmy:就一场这样叫叫他龟儿子..您的样本也太小了 02/27
Windhan:kissmy别跟他认真啦 02/27
Windhan:aakobe~你是kobe他爸呀??不然怎么叫他龟儿子?? 02/27
kissmy:认真??....我边打b边笑说....^^" 02/27
kissmy:笑说老鼠爸生出龟儿子......(纯玩笑,别认真XD) 02/27
aakobe:windhan国文程度很差喔.小学生吗? 02/27
aakobe:几位盲目支持的样子好像7788迷喔..呵呵^^ 02/27
DiCaprio:aakobe去吃屎吧 02/27
kissmy:请aakobe您先定义何谓"盲目支持".....!! 02/27
Windhan:不好意思欧...kissmy我误会你了 02/27
Windhan:哈 爆了 睡觉去... 02/27
kissmy:啥..Windhan大您是指.....?? 02/27
aakobe:爆了.老鼠迷真是力量大啊.可以一起去强 02/27
kissmy:是啊...爆了...睡觉去...aakobe下次在一起讨论吧꜠ 02/27
aakobe:以具体行动支持偶像行为..881我要睡啦 02/27
Windhan:kissmy我说我误会你在跟他认真啦 02/27
kissmy:嗯嗯...好说好说...反正他也不是很"认真"在讨论 02/27
kissmy:尽说些有的没的.....XD 02/27
Windhan:呵呵...aakobe别降说...你的功劳最大...掰啦 02/27
Olowokandi:aakobe连人家的id都可以呛 无聊140.112.249.227 02/27
DrizztMon:看来要进水桶了.... 可以请问下一个ID是啥? 02/27
u2gogowin:aakobe太无聊了吧T-mac迷肯定是不挺你的~~ 02/27
quark:说到水桶的话..前面一些作人身攻击的才真的该禁.. 02/27
Friendx:aakobe那种为反而反的言论 根本不值得看 02/27
vince730828:我不喜欢KB,不过aakobe真的蛮无聊的!废! 02/27
tshih:这篇好有趣... 02/27
yoyolove:aakobe讲的话真没有意义 逊掉了 去吃屎吧218.184.160.252 02/27
Lyotard:--------------请勿再回分格线--------------- 02/27
maigawapa:我王KOBE..加油...众人皆嘘我独推..你是最强的 03/25
bigbrother:ㄎㄎㄎㄎㄎㄎㄎㄎㄎㄎㄎㄎㄎㄎㄎㄎㄎㄎㄎㄎㄎㄎ 03/05 12:00
whahaha:可惜AD是个废渣 05/31 00:01
christieswei:就是有belief0816这种人 启智班才有学生可以收 11/21 20:29
KobeFucker :==========丹佛强暴女服务生...干王狗鼻是也======== 06/12 00:16
lindx :我爱抠鼻子 02/01 02:28
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